Caesars Sportsbook Arizona Bonus Code and $500 Free Bet

Risk Free BetRisk Free BetUp to $500Up to $500
Bonus CodeTBD

Disclaimer: Caesars online sportsbook is not yet live in Arizona. This review is speculative based on what we know so far and will be updated when the sportsbook launches here.

Caesars Sportsbook is a good option for Arizona bettors seeking a high-quality sportsbook for both online and in-person betting. The Caesars sports betting app is a quality offering, and the retail sportsbook will be located at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This page will go over what Caesars offers its sportsbook customers. It starts with a welcome bonus for new customers worth up to $500, and continues with great promotions and a variety of bets with solid odds. We’ll also take a look at the sportsbook app itself, where you can get it and its strengths and weaknesses.

Why Choose Caesars Sportsbook AZ
  • Risk free first bet up to $500
  • Trusted brand in US gambling
  • Tons of sports betting markets.
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Caesars Sportsbook Arizona bonus code 2021

Caesars offers new users a risk-free bet. If your first wager loses, you’ll get a free bet back equal to the amount of your losing wager, up to $500. To qualify, enter the Caesars Arizona bonus code on the second page during the sign-up process.

Arizona SportsbookCaesars Sportsbook Arizona
Caesars Arizona Bonus CodeTBD
Risk Free BetUp to $500
Online Since2021 in Arizona
Last UpdatedJuly 2021

Caesars AZ welcome bonus — the fine print!

After entering the bonus code, just place a bet at Caesars Arizona Sportsbook. If your bet loses, Caesars will add a free bet of equal value to your account, maxing out at $500. You will have seven days to use the bet before it expires.

For your first bet to qualify for the risk-free offer, it has to settle within seven days, so don’t bet on anything too far in the future.

As for the free bet, if it wins you get only the winnings from it, not the value of the wager itself. For instance, if you had a $50 free bet and placed it on a game with +200 odds and won, Caesars would add $100 to your sportsbook account, not $150.

If your first bet wins, you collect your winnings just like you normally would and nothing else changes. The risk-free offer does not transfer to later bets.

How does the Caesars welcome bonus compare?

We consider this to be an above-average sportsbook welcome bonus. You’ll find that a lot of Arizona sportsbooks have risk-free first bet offers, but many of them restrict what types of bets qualify for your first bet and your free bet. The fact that Caesars does not is what puts it a step ahead of many other offers.

Can I trust Caesars Sportsbook?

Yes, Caesars is one of the most trusted names in the gambling industry, and that trust should extend to its sportsbook. In addition, the Arizona Department of Gaming licenses all legal sportsbooks in the state.

In order to legally bet on sports with Caesars or any other sportsbook in the Grand Canyon State, you must be 21 or older, and you also must be within Arizona state lines. When using the Caesars app or website, geolocation software will verify your location. If you aren’t in the state, you won’t be able to bet.

Getting started at Caesars AZ Sportsbook

To get signed up with Caesars, all you have to do is fire up the app or open the Caesars website. Once you’ve done that, just click on the “Sign Up” header in the upper right corner and enter the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Final four digits of your Social Security number

On the second page of the registration form is where you’ll enter the promo code to claim your risk-free bet. You also need to create a password and confirm that you are at least 21 years old, that everything you entered is accurate and that you’ve read the terms and conditions. From start to finish, it should take no longer than a minute or two.

How do I download the Caesars app?

The Caesars Sportsbook app is available for Apple and Android devices. To get it on your phone or tablet, head to the Caesars Sportsbook website, where you’ll see buttons to download both versions of the app. Click the appropriate button for your device and follow the prompts from there to download and install the app.

Keep in mind that while the Caesars app is great, you also can use the dedicated website for placing and tracking bets as well as for managing your account.

Where do I find Caesars Arizona promotions?

There is a scrolling banner at the top of the Caesars app that shows some of the current promotions, but to see all your options, simply click on the “Promotions” link. One thing you’ll notice is that the promotions at Caesars are distinct from what you’ll find at many other online sportsbooks.

Do I need to opt in to promotions at Caesars?

Most of the time you do not need to opt in to Caesars Sportsbook promotions. Instead, many of the bonus offers require you to wager a certain amount on a specific game to qualify. Be sure to pay close attention to the type of bet you need to place. Sometimes the promotion requires a moneyline wager, while other times it is a spread bet.

Do I need to get my bet right to win bonuses at Caesars?

A lot of the time you do need to get your bets right to earn rewards at Caesars. Some sportsbooks give out free bets when your wagers lose, particularly when it comes to parlays. Many, if not most, of the promos at Caesars only reward you if your bet wins. In addition, though, Caesars still has a handful of promotions that don’t require having to bet correctly.

Does Caesars have any cheap promotions?

That depends on what you consider cheap. Many of its promotions require bets of $50 to $100. However, Caesars has gotten better at offering more bonuses with lower thresholds for entry. In fact, we’ve been seeing more promotions that base your reward on how much you wager. This allows smaller bettors to enjoy the promotions, as well.

Why should I choose the Caesars Sportsbook app?

If you’re trying to decide whether to give Caesars AZ a try, here are three reasons you might end up liking it.

  • The promotions are outstanding: There is no denying that many of the bonuses at Caesars have a higher entry requirement than at most other books, but the rewards are also much higher, as well. We also like the distinctive nature of many of Caesars’ promotions, and think most users will as well.
  • Variety of betting choices: Caesars has a plethora of sports and leagues that you can place bets on as well as tons of betting choices for the majority of games. It is not at all uncommon to have more than 100 potential bets on a single game at Caesars.
  • Quality customer support: With sports being played every day of the year, it’s crucial to have a service department that will be there for you whenever you need it, and that’s exactly the case with Caesars.

What won’t I like about the Caesars Sportsbook app?

While there is quite a bit to like about Caesars, it also has some areas where it could stand to improve.

  • No single-game parlays: Despite the addition of same-game parlays at some online sportsbooks, you still cannot place them on the Caesars app. You can place either moneyline or spread bets combined with totals wagers for one game, but adding prop bets of any kind is not possible.
  • Too many odds boosts: It’s hard to believe we’re complaining about having too many odds boosts, but it is an issue at Caesars. It’s not uncommon to have 50 or more daily odds boosts, and it becomes a little cumbersome trying to check all of them out.
  • High entry fees for many promotions: If you consider yourself a high-stakes gambler, this shouldn’t affect you at all. Having promotions requiring $50 or more in entry fees, however, does eliminate a segment of bettors from participating. In Caesars’ defense, though, it has been running more promotions of late with much lower entry restrictions.

What kind of bets can I make at Caesars?

You can place all the typical sports wagers at Caesars as you can at any other reputable sportsbook. Here is a look at how odds will appear on the Caesars app as well as how each wager works.

 MoneylinePuck lineTotal goals
Arizona Coyotes-160-1.5 (+160)Over 6.0 (-105)
Colorado Avalanche+140+1.5 (-180)Under 6.0 (-115)

How do moneyline wagers work?

To win a moneyline bet, you simply have to pick the team that will win. The biggest thing to remember is that negative numbers denote which team is favored, and positive numbers indicate underdogs.

In this example, you would need to bet $160 on Arizona to win $100 in profit on a correct bet. If you were to bet on the Avalanche, a winning $100 bet would pay out $140.

What is the puck line?

You’ll see spread bets have multiple names. In hockey, such a wager is called the puck line. In baseball it’s the run line, and basketball and football use point spread bets. In all cases, if you bet on the favorite, that team must win by more than the spread. Underdogs, meanwhile, must avoid losing by more than the spread.

As puck lines are almost always set at 1.5 goals, the odds on either side will vary more than for football and basketball spread bets. In the example above, if the Coyotes end up winning by at least two goals, a $100 bet would pay out $160.

How do you bet on total goals?

When placing a total bet, you must select whether you think the teams will combine to score more or fewer total goals than the line the sportsbook has set. The line will often end in .5, making a push impossible, but not always. In this example, it doesn’t matter if you bet on over or under, if the final score was Arizona 4-2, all totals bets would be refunded.

Prop bets

When you click on an individual game listing, you’ll see all the wagers you can place on that game, including prop bets. Player props are wagers on individual player stats during the game, such as goals or assists in the case of hockey or touchdowns, yards and receptions in football. You also will find team and game props such as betting on both teams to score, the margin of victory or if there will be overtime.

Parlays, teasers and round robins

Parlays allow you to combine two or more bets as a single wager at better odds. To win, you must get all your choices right. Teasers are similar, but are only for spread bets, and you can move the line for each of the games in your favor. Round robins, meanwhile, combine multiple bets, but you can miss one of your picks and still win some money.

Futures and live betting

Futures bets are wagers on season-long outcomes and what will happen in the playoffs. You could, for instance, place a futures bet on the Coyotes to raise the Stanley Cup at season’s end. Sportsbook odds will become available before the season starts and remain active from there.

Then there is live betting, which refers to any betting you do on a game that is already taking place. You can find all live betting options at Caesars by selecting the “InPlay” header. For example, you can bet on what will happen on the next pitch in a baseball game, the next play in a football game or the next hole during a golf tournament.

Can I bet on the Arizona Diamondbacks at Caesars?

Yes, you can bet on all Arizona Diamondbacks games as well as all other Major League Baseball contests. Your options will include all of the bets we discussed above, as well as some that are specific to baseball:

  • First five innings: Place a wager on what the outcome will be at the end of five innings. These bets keep the focus on the starting pitchers, while minimizing the role that the bullpens may play in the result.
  • Home run wagers: You’re betting on whether a player will homer in a game. In addition to simple home run bets, Caesars also will have a few select prebuilt home run parlays, where you can wager on a player to homer and his team to win.
  • Listed pitchers: If one of the listed pitchers does not start, the sportsbook voids your wager and refunds your bet. This can be crucial if your whole bet is based on who is starting on the mound.
  • Player props: In addition to home runs, you also can bet on players to get hits or on how many strikeouts a pitcher will compile.
  • Exact score: Predicting the exact score of a baseball game is not easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try at Caesars AZ Sportsbook. If you gamble correctly, you could see a large return.

In addition to the D-backs and Coyotes, you also can bet on the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury on the Caesars app. And since betting on in-state college teams is legal, you’ll also find wagers on Arizona State, Arizona, Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona.

How do I get money on (and off!) Caesars Sportsbook quickly?

Here are all your choices for funding your Caesars Sportsbook account as well as your options for cashing out.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Online bank transfer$20Instant
ACH (e-check)$20Up to 2 Days
Debit/Credit Card$20Instant
Caesars Play+ prepaid card$20Instant
PayNearMe$20Roughly 15 minutes


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Online bank transfer NoneWithin 72 Hours
ACH (e-check)NoneWithin 72 Hours
Caesars Play+ Prepaid cardNoneWithin 72 Hours

In-person banking

Caesars and the Arizona Diamondbacks are partnering to open a retail sportsbook at Chase Field. Once it is open, you should be able to make deposits and withdrawals at it in person.

How do I get help at Caesars Sportsbook?

Your best option for getting help is by clicking on the support tab on the Caesars website or app. You can start by clicking “online help,” which will open a separate window with a variety of topic headers as well as a search bar for answering your questions.

If that doesn’t work, you can choose the live chat, email ([email protected]) or phone (855-754-1200) options from the support menu.

How do I exclude myself from Caesars?

If you want to cut yourself off from Caesars, click on the responsible gambling tab and find a link that opens up a form. After filling out the form and submitting it to Caesars, you will not be able to wager anymore.

If you decide you don’t want to be completely excluded, you can instead set limits, which you can do in your account settings. You can limit your time on the app, how much you can deposit and how much you can wager.

Check out our responsible gambling in Arizona page to learn more about safe betting.

Can I bet with Caesars Sportsbook in person?

You will be able to as soon as the retail sportsbook opens at Chase Field. The plan is for Caesars and the Diamondbacks to revamp a sports bar at the stadium and open the sportsbook in its place.

The bar in question is currently only open on D-backs game nights, but will be open year-round. There is a chance Caesars could open a temporary sportsbook at Chase Field until the permanent one is ready, but there is no definitive word on whether that will happen.

  • Address: 401 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix
  • Phone: 602-514-8400
  • Website:
  • Opening: TBD

How does Caesars compare to other Arizona sportsbooks?

Caesars is unquestionably among a small handful of premier sportsbooks in the state. Many bettors end up having multiple sportsbook accounts — a primary one and a few secondary ones. Caesars is the type of sportsbook that you may want to consider for your primary account. And if you only plan on having one account, it should be in the running for that distinction.