DraftKings Arizona Sportsbook Promo Code for Bonus

DraftKings Sportsbook gives Arizonans a premier online sports betting option. Join DraftKings Sportsbook and claim up to  in welcome bonuses. No DraftKings Arizona bonus code is required.

DraftKings AZ will have an in-person betting choice coming soon as well. DraftKings partnered with TPC Scottsdale and plans to open a brick-and-mortar sportsbook at the golf complex.

This page will cover how those welcome bonus works. You also will find out how to bet at DraftKings and how to get your money on and off the site, along with other items of interest to new users.

Why Choose DraftKings Sportsbook Arizona
  • Welcome Bonus of up to
  • Plenty of sports markets available to bet on
  • Trusted US brand with US sports betting focus
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DraftKings Arizona promo code 2024

As a new DraftKings Sportsbook Arizona user you’ll receive a welcome bonus that is worth up to .

DraftKings Promo Code Arizona
Welcome BonusUp to
Online Since2021 in Arizona
Last UpdatedMay 23, 2024

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see DraftKings Sportsbook Arizona for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+

How to claim the DraftKings welcome bonus in May

Sports betting has made a grand entrance into Arizona’s gaming market, so it’s only fitting we back it with a great promo offer. Up to can be yours under a few simple conditions. The first one relates to your activity on our platform. As is the case with any welcome promotion, this offer is restricted to first-time registrants.

If you meet the criteria, the Sign Up button is the next step. Open the registration template and fill the blank spaces with your basic info. The DraftKings Arizona welcome package comes with no bonus code requirements, so there are no extra details to worry about. Just send in your form, and we’ll activate your account in no time.

Once you log in, there’s only one more condition to meet — funds on your account. Check the bonus terms, make a minimum deposit, and start wagering. It’s that simple!

Types of welcome bonuses

Not all DraftKings welcome bonuses are built the same. There are a few different deals that can be on offer depending on when you decide to join the DK family. Here’s a quick overview so you know what to expect:

  • Match deposit bonuses are a staple of the iGaming industry. They’ll offer to match a percentage of your first deposit in order to give you extra betting funds. If the incentive is 20% up to , you can get a $200 top-up for a $1,000 deposit.
  • Deposit & Get offers sound similar but come with slightly different conditions. They’ll give you a set amount of credits for a deposit you make, which works great if you’re on a budget. Transfer as little as $5, and you can get ten times as much in return.
  • Bet & Get promotions involve the above procedure plus an extra step. You’ll need to sign up, deposit, and make your first bet to trigger the deal. There are no percentages involved, so there’s no need for number crunching on your part. Just follow the DraftKings Bet & Get wagering limit, and you’ll receive a fixed reward.
  • First-bet refunds are another go-to for modern online sportsbooks. They’ll give you something to fall back on if your initial bet doesn’t work as planned. Say you wager $50 on the Chiefs, and they let you down. Hard to imagine, but bear with us. DK will refund the same amount in bonus bets to give you and the Chiefs a second chance to get it right.

Welcome offers like these tend to feature a few terms and conditions to consider. Read the rules, focusing on wagering requirements, odd limitations, and validity periods. It’s not the most entertaining of tasks, but it’ll let you know:

  • How many times you must bet the bonus amount before you can withdraw that bonus;
  • What odds your bets need to have to count toward the wagering requirements;
  • How much time you’ll have to complete these requirements.

Can I trust DraftKings Sportsbook?

Yes, you can 100% trust DraftKings online sportsbook. For starters, the Arizona Department of Gaming has granted DraftKings a sports betting license and allowed it to run DFS contests in the state. Additionally, DraftKings operates online sportsbooks in 11 other states, with more expected to launch soon.

Locally, it’s worth noting that DraftKings has partnered with TPC Scottsdale.

Here are some rules you should know if you plan on betting with DraftKings in Arizona:

  1. The minimum age to wager on sports in the state is 21.
  2. You must be physically in Arizona in order to submit any bets as well as cash out bets early. To comply with this restriction, you must allow geolocation on your device. The software will not allow you to make bets if you are outside the state.

Betting on college sports is allowed in Arizona, including betting on Arizona-based teams. College prop bets, however, are not allowed.

How do I download the DraftKings AZ app?

The DraftKings Arizona app is available for Android and iOS devices. Head to the DraftKings Sportsbook website via mobile browser and click on the link to get the app at the bottom of the page. From there click the button to get the appropriate app for your device and follow the prompts to download it from there.

Getting started at DraftKings Sportsbook in Arizona

To begin betting at DraftKings in Arizona, click the link on this page to head to the sportsbook’s sign-up page. You’ll need to create a username and password and then enter the following personal details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

If DraftKings is unable to verify your identity, you will need to upload a form of ID. Either a passport or driver’s license should suffice. Even if you have to do that, the whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Where do I find DraftKings promotions?

When you log into the DraftKings app you’ll be able to scroll through most of the available promotions at the top of the screen. To make sure you’re seeing all the offers, though, you’ll want to click on the “Promos” link.

From the promotions page, you can view all live bonus offers, opt in to them and click “view terms” to read how each offer functions. Here are more details on some of the promotions you’ll find..

  • Odds boosts vs. profit boosts. DraftKings offers daily odds boosts, which are select bets with increased odds. You’ll find boosted bets ranging from props to prebuilt parlays and pretty much anything in between. Profit boosts on the other hand allow you to decide what specific bets you want to increase your profits on. DraftKings usually gives out profit boosts for specific sports. For example, you might receive a 100% profit boost to use for an NBA bet. You decide to bet $10 on Devin Booker to score the first field goal of the game with +480 odds, but thanks to your 100% profit boost, instead of winning $48 you’d win $96.
  • How do insurance promotions work? Insurance promos are there to cover all or some of your losses. DraftKings typically runs insurance promotions for first touchdown bets in football, first field goal bets in basketball and first goal bets in hockey. In football, if your first TD pick scores later in the game, you can get your money back. The same is true for your goal scorer selection in hockey, and usually for basketball your pick needs to score the second or third basket of the game. Refunds are capped at $20, and you receive them as bonus bets.
  • What are these no-brainer bets I’ve seen? No-brainer bets are DraftKings’ way of basically giving out free money. You won’t see no-brainer bet promotions too often, and stakes are usually capped at $10 or $25. But that’s because the bets are so much of a sure thing you are all but guaranteed to win. The odds also are typically +100, so you’ll double your money.

Why should I choose the DraftKings Sportsbook app?

There are numerous reasons why choosing DraftKings as your sportsbook of choice is a good idea. Here are three of our favorites.

  • Rewards for every bet: You earn one DraftKings Crown for every $2 in sports bets, $1 in DFS contests and $2 in pools you wager. You can redeem Crowns for DK Dollars, which you can wager just like cash.
  • All the promotions: Whether it’s odds or profit boosts, insurance promos or no-brainer bets, the bonuses at DraftKings increase the likelihood that you’ll end up winning more than you lose.
  • One account for sports betting and DFS: Remember, sportsbooks weren’t the only thing legal in Arizona thanks to HB 2772. Daily fantasy sports are, as well. At DraftKings, that means you can have one account for your sports betting and DFS needs. You won’t have to worry about moving funds from one to the other since they’re tied together. And you receive rewards for the money you wager on both.
  • Single-game parlays: Building single-game parlays at DraftKings is easy, arguably the only sportsbook with better SGP options is FanDuel Sportsbook Arizona.

What won’t I like about the DraftKings Sportsbook app?

As good as it is, DraftKings still has areas where it could improve.

  • Lack of withdrawal options: As it stands, your only mobile method for cashing out at DraftKings is by using PayPal. Your sole remaining choice is to have DraftKings mail you a check, which can take upward of two weeks. If PayPal works for you, then you’re set. Otherwise, this could be a big problem.
  • Separate apps for sports betting and DFS: We understand there may be legal reasons why DraftKings can’t have its sportsbook and DFS products grouped in one app, but that doesn’t change the fact that it can be inconvenient at times.

We don’t believe any of these things should keep you from getting a DraftKings sports betting account, but it’s always good to know about the pros and cons of any situation.

What kind of bets can I make at DraftKings?

DraftKings sports betting has a multitude of betting options. First up, let’s go over point spreads, totals and moneyline bets since those are the three wagers that appear on pretty much all of the main pages. Here is how the bets are presented at DraftKings.

Point SpreadTotal PointsMoneyline
Phoenix Suns-4.5 (-112)Over 234.5 (-112)-180
Golden State Warriors+4.5 (-109)Under 234.5 (-109)+148
  • How do I bet against the spread? The point spread is how sportsbooks even the playing field. In this example, Phoenix is favored. If you place a spread bet on the Suns, they must win by more than 4.5 points, so five points or more. The Warriors can cover the spread with a loss of four points or fewer or by winning the game outright. The numbers in parentheses are the odds for each bet. Anything around -110 for basketball and football spread bets is standard. Any negative odds mean that’s how much money you would need to wager to receive $100 in profit on a winning bet.
  • Are totals and over/unders the same thing? Yes, totals and over/unders are the same thing. When you bet on the total, you are wagering on the combined points from both teams. In this example, you need to pick whether the Suns and Warriors will combine for over or under 234.5 points. The odds work the same way as for spread bets.
  • What is the moneylineThe moneyline is for bets on which team will win the game. Since the Suns are favored, you would stand to win less money wagering on them. Odds listed with a plus sign indicate the underdog in a game and tell you how much you would win from a successful $100 wager on that team. In this case, you’d be looking at $148 on a $100 wager if Golden State prevails. So how would your bets do if you bet $10 each on the Suns moneyline, the Suns to cover and the over for the game, and Phoenix won 125-122? Answer: Your bets on the Suns to win and the over would win, but your spread bet would lose. You would win about $4.60 in profit.

You’ll also find more than enough prop betting options at DraftKings Sportsbook. Props are bets on events that aren’t directly connected to a game’s final outcome. Here are some examples of prop bets that DraftKings could have for the above game:

  • Player to score the first field goal of the game, with odds for the 10 players expected to start.
  • Over/under point, rebound and assist totals for a handful of players from each team.
  • Half and quarter bets, including money, spread and totals bets for both teams.

Everything we’ve discussed so far has been for single or straight bets, but you also can build simple and complicated multi-bets at DraftKings online sportsbook.

  • The most common multi-bet is a parlay. You create parlays by taking two bets or more and combining them on a single slip. The benefit is that each additional bet increases your potential profits. The downside is that if you miss any of your picks, your entire parlay fails.
  • A teaser is a similar type of bet. Teasers are just for football and basketball point spread bets. After picking your games, you can move the line in your favor by the same amount for all your picks. Once again, you have to get each one right to win.
  • Round robin bets, meanwhile, aren’t as profitable as parlays, but they’re easier to come away with some money because they give you the leeway of missing a bet and still winning some money.
  • Futures betting is when you wager on events that won’t be settled for weeks and oftentimes even months. Examples of futures bets would be wagering on the Suns to win the NBA title, the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl or the Arizona Coyotes to win the Stanley Cup.
  • Live betting is when you wager on games that are being played at that moment. By clicking the “Live In-Game” header on the DraftKings website or app, you’ll see all the available live betting options. You will be able to place many of the same types of bet as previously discussed with live betting, but you’ll have other options, as well. For instance, during MLB games you can wager on what the result of the next pitch will be. Your options usually are strike/foul, ball/hit by pitch or in-play.

Can I bet on the Arizona Coyotes at DraftKings?

Yes, DraftKings Sportsbook lets you bet on the Arizona Coyotes, along with all other NHL games. In addition to the bets discussed above, here are some hockey-specific wagers you’ll find.

  • Puck line: This is like a point spread wager for hockey. A standard puck line is 5, and for that reason the odds will vary much more than spread bets for football and basketball.
  • 60-minute line: A 60-minute line is almost the same as a moneyline, but the difference is it includes the option for a tie, since a score can be tied at the end of regulation. It’s worth checking out the 60-minute line to see how the odds compare to the moneyline.
  • Grand salami: This wager takes into account all the games taking place on a given day. A grand salami is an over/under bet on how many goals will be scored on that day, so if there are seven games, the over/under that day might be 42.5, for example.
  • Period bets: You also can place bets on what will happen in each period. These bets can be as simple as picking one team to outscore the other, picking the two teams to tie or picking the exact score for a period.
  • Goal score: You can bet on which player will score the game’s first goal, last goal or just merely a goal. As you might expect, the odds for first or last goals are much higher than betting on a player to score.

And for all you fans of the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Mercury, DraftKings will have plenty of bets for them, too, along with Arizona, Arizona State, Northern Arizona and Grand Canyon in the college ranks. The only thing you can’t do is place college prop bets.

How do I get money on (and off!) DraftKings Sportsbook quickly?

DraftKings has a slew of options when it comes to funding your sportsbook account, however the options are quite a bit less when it comes to pulling any money out.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Visa or Mastercard credit of debit card$5Instant
Online bank transfer$5Instant
ACH (e-check)$5Instant
DraftKings prepaid debit card$5Instant
Wire Transfer$1001-2 days
DraftKings gift card$5Instant


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
PayPal$13-5 days
Check in the mail$157-14 days

In-person deposit and withdrawal choices

DraftKings is opening a “first-of-its-kind” retail sportsbook at TPC Scottsdale. The hope was to launch in time for the 2023 Super Bowl which was held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, but that deadline was not met. When the sportsbook opens, you almost assuredly will be able to withdraw and deposit money from that location, as well.

How do I get help at DraftKings Arizona Sportsbook?

DraftKings customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The DraftKings contact page will list all the available methods of contacting the help desk.

You can choose a topic from the list and send a message. We’ve found this method works well, and we usually have a response within a few minutes. You also can fill out a form on that same page, and a DraftKings representative will call you back. And you can email [email protected] if you experience any problems.

We also recommend checking the frequently asked questions page because there’s a decent chance the answer to your question will be there.

How do I exclude myself from DraftKings?

When it comes to responsible gambling, DraftKings allows you to set your own limits to help prevent sports betting problems from getting the better of you.

From the DraftKings responsible gambling page, you will find links that let you enforce limits on how much you can deposit and wager as well as for how much time you can spend on the DraftKings app and/or website.

Directly below those links you’ll find a self-exclusion section that gives you the power to exclude yourself from out DraftKings products. You can set self-exclusion periods for one or five years, and as soon as you complete the form you will be logged out immediately.

Can I bet at DraftKings Sportsbook in person?

Not quite yet, but you will be able to when DraftKings Arizona opens a retail sportsbook at TPC Scottsdale. The goal is to have a visually breathtaking “19th hole” experience at one of the top golf courses in the world.

Details aren’t final as to where on the property the brick-and-mortar sportsbook will be located.

  • Address: 17020 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Phone: 480-585-4334

How does DraftKings compare to other Arizona sportsbooks?

DraftKings is arguably the best sportsbook in Arizona, but don’t simply take our word for it, let’s take a look at how it compares head-to-head vs. some of its toughest competitors.

  • DraftKings vs. BetMGM Sportsbook Arizona app: The biggest advantage DraftKings has over BetMGM comes in the promotions department. At BetMGM, you’ll find several insurance promos and parlay boosts. DraftKings has those offers too, but it also hands out profit boosts and no-brainer bets that essentially are free money giveaways.
  • DraftKings vs. Caesars Sportsbook Arizona app: Caesars is a great sportsbook with plenty of betting options. Unfortunately, Caesars only offers a single welcome bonus, whereas DraftKings’ comes in three parts. And while Caesars has more daily odds boosts, DraftKings offers more rewarding promotions overall.

DraftKings Sportsbook FAQ

You don’t need a DraftKings Sportsbook bonus code to claim the DraftKings welcome bonus that is worth up to .

Read about the full details for the DraftKings Arizona welcome bonus in the terms and conditions.

Almost all deposit methods are instant at DraftKings. The fastest way to withdraw is through PayPal, and it can take up to five days.

While both the DraftKings and BetMGM apps are very good in terms of usability, there are some aspects that differ between the two. These can include the number of sports available to bet on, the odds from game to game and the available customer service options.

Yes, DraftKings will have a variety of betting options for the Arizona Cardinals, including the standard lines for each game plus various props and futures. The same is true for all the other major pro teams in Arizona, as well.

The DraftKings app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download it through the sportsbook’s website. Just select the appropriate option for your operating system.

There isn’t a set maximum bet. However, DraftKings states in its house rules that it reserves the right to limit the maximum bet such that the net payout doesn’t go over a certain limit. This limit varies from sport to sport (e.g., soccer is $500,000; basketball and football are $1 million; hockey is $250,000).