How to Bet on Golf

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Golf has experienced quite the surge in popularity. Americans across the country have taken up the sport and courses are seeing increased numbers. Alongside the uptick in people playing golf has been an increased interest in professional golf, specifically betting on it.

The sport lends itself well to gambling with its slow pace and distinct break between holes. Advancements in live betting allow you to bet on the smallest of details, like a player’s score on the next hole. You can place wagers while you watch the action unfold, making golf a perfect candidate for live betting.

Another aspect of golf that has helped with this popularity is that it’s played nearly year-round. Tournaments that you can bet on take place almost every weekend, along with charity matches and other distinct events. This means that there is always next weekend to look forward to, no matter how the last one turned out.

For those who are looking to get in on the golf action while residing in Arizona, you’re in the right place. This guide will cover key information about betting on golf in Arizona, from the best sportsbooks to a few tips that will help with wagering.

Golf odds for the latest PGA tournament

What are the advantages of golf betting?

Betting on golf has a variety of things to recommend it. Here are three of the main points in its favor:

1. Variety of bets available

While the major North American professional team sports all have the same major types of bets available (with the moneyline, total and point spread being the main ones), golf offers a variety of different bets.

Betting options include which player you think will have a birdie on the eighth hole and whether there will be a hole-in-one during the tournament. This variety helps keep things fresh.

2. Potential for longshot victories

Look at the odds available for any golf tournament and you will see a long list of names. Because some of the best players may win only a few times a year, golf is a great choice for those who enjoy researching to find underdog winners. For those who put in the work, it’s possible to see some large returns if a lesser-known golfer is able to pull off a win.

3. Year-round fun

The professional golf tours play one tournament almost every weekend all year round. The tournaments start on Thursday and end on Sunday, and then the players move on to the next week’s iteration.

This is great if you don’t want to deal with the offseason that most other sports have. Instead, there is always a golf tournament to look forward to and always something to start preparing bets for.

The basics of golf betting

While golf is a sport that is traditionally associated with gambling, sports betting in Arizona on professional golf is much different from gambling while playing golf. People playing a round of golf may make a few wagers with their buddies, but these are just bets with friends. Wagering on professional golf instead involves making bets with a sportsbook on the outcome of specific events within tournaments.

There are many types of bets available to gamblers, including a few basic ones that are standard for every tournament:

The to-win bet is one of the simplest and is a wager on a specific player to win the entire tournament. You’ll find longer odds for underdogs and shorter odds for the big names. If a player is leading late in a tournament, another bet that will show up is the versus the field wager, where you can either bet on the favorite to hold and win or bet on the field.

For those who want to bet on the performance of a specific player but aren’t sure if that player will win, a good option is the head-to-head bet. These match two players against each other, and you choose which one you think will shoot lower. You can also choose each-way betting, which is a wager on a player to finish above a certain threshold, usually the top three or five. Other bets such as top 10 and top 20 finishes are also available.

Sportsbooks will often group players with similar expectations together and offer a chance to pick which golfer you think will do the best from that group. Additionally, betting on which player of a specific nationality will finish highest on the leaderboard is a standard golf bet.

All these bets are not only available across the entire tournament but are also available for each day. If you want to bet on a player having a fast start, you can bet on how that player will do on day one of the tournament.

Golf betting tips for beginners

When it comes to golf betting, there are a few traps that novice gamblers may fall into. The golf betting advice and tips below aim to help you avoid some of the growing pains.

  • Do your research: While you might get lucky and win a few bets by picking with your instincts, golf is a sport that requires research to find the best bets. Do some homework to discover what type of golfers succeed on which courses, which golfers are playing well at the moment and how the weather conditions are going to affect the tournament. These are things that play large roles in how the tournaments shake out, and the research will help you make better choices.
  • Mix up the odds you play: With such a wide variety of favorites and underdogs all fighting for the tournament title, bettors may favor one wager too heavily. For example, some chase underdogs and only play long odds, while others bet on favorites too much. You’re going to want to play a mix. You should have some bets that are on stronger players who have a higher probability of winning and others on longer shots who have huge potential payouts.
  • Bet on multiple golfers: Most novices will pick one golfer to back and cheer for that golfer throughout the tournament. The issue is that each tournament will have only one winner. It’s extremely difficult to find that winner with only one pick. By choosing multiple golfers, you’re adding a level of diversity to your options. While this golf betting system will cut into your potential profits, it can be worth it in the long run.

Odds for golf majors

When it comes to the PGA Tour, some tournaments draw more attention than others. At the very top of the list are the four major tournaments, which always attract the top names in golf along with the most media coverage. Along with that, they also present the most gambling options. Here is everything you need to know about the four tournaments.

Masters betting

The Masters is the most prestigious tournament in golf. It takes place at Augusta National in Georgia every year in early April. The winner receives a green jacket, the most famous of the tournament’s many traditions.

For bettors, sportsbooks usually offer a range of bets and special offers for The Masters. These can include anything from hundreds of dollars in bet credits to extra wagers on the performance of last year’s champion.

Experience is a key asset at the Masters, as the course is filled with details that can send a round sideways in an instant. Knowing where to place the ball to move around the course with ease is important. Strong putting and excellent precision with irons are both necessary traits to win the green jacket. Champions often leave themselves with shorter putts so they don’t need to brave too much distance on Augusta’s greens.

The prize pool for the tournament is over $11 million, with the winner getting around $2 million of that.

2021Hideki Matsuyama
2020Dustin Johnson
2019Tiger Woods
2018Patrick Reed
2017Sergio Garcia

US Open betting

The US Open takes place in mid-June and rotates among a variety of courses. Even though it’s played in different locations, one thing that remains consistent is that the course is always very difficult. This means thick rough and other features that lead to high scores.

Golfers must thus be very accurate to avoid these traps and stick to the fairway. Thus, wild golfers can sometimes struggle at the US Open as they fail to blast themselves around the course. Picking players who hit fairways is often a good idea.

The tournament has a purse of over $12 million, the most of any major tournament.

2020Bryson DeChambeau
2019Gary Woodland
2018Brooks Koepka
2017Brooks Koepka
2016Dustin Johnson

British Open (Open Championship) betting

The only major that takes place outside the US, the Open Championship takes place in the United Kingdom on a links-style course that is usually near the ocean. This means a different style of play as links courses have a few distinct features. The tournament takes place in July.

Links-style courses are usually much more “naturally” built from the landscape and feature coastal winds. This requires players to be able to keep their ball flight low as well as being able to hit for distance.

The Open Championship’s course changes from year to year, with only 14 courses ever hosting the tourney. Ten of those courses are still in the rotation while four have been retired.

You can expect a variety of special bets to be available. More emphasis will be on European golfers, and sometimes sportsbooks will offer boosted odds or promotions for betting on those players.

2019Shane Lowry
2018Francesco Molinari
2017Jordan Spieth
2016Henrik Stenson
2015Zach Johnson

PGA Championship betting

The PGA Championship is another major that rotates locations, though most of the time it’s located in the Eastern United States. The courses that host the tournament will be prestigious ones, and it’s the only major with no amateur players competing.

Because of the rotating host course, the traits and abilities that golfers need to succeed can shift on a year-to-year basis. On some courses with narrow fairways, accuracy may be the most desirable trait, while others may reward power. Special promotions that may be available for betting on the PGA Championship include boosted odds and deposit bonuses, to encourage people to place bets.

The total purse for the tournament is around $11 million.

2021Phil Mickelson
2020Collin Morikawa
2019Brooks Koepka
2018Brooks Koepka
2017Justin Thomas

What are the most important stats in golf betting?

You’ll find a variety of stats to help with your golf betting decisions. These stats can tell you everything about a player’s game and help you figure out if that player is a suitable bet choice.

When you study golf stats, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. For example, certain tournaments require accurate driving while others require powerful driving. The US Open is famous for its thick rough, thus accuracy is important. Looking for a golfer with a higher fairways hit percentage is a good idea. For powerful drivers, you would want to look at driving distance.

The strokes gained stat is a good one to see where a golfer excels. For example, if you’re looking to find a strong putter, the strokes gained putting stat would help. For a tournament that requires precision with irons, you’d look at strokes gained on approach.

Golf betting promotions and odds boosts

One of the best parts about a legal gambling market is the competition among sportsbooks. All these companies are fighting for your business, and they will offer bonuses to entice you to join them.

Perhaps a sportsbook will match your first deposit up to a certain dollar value or maybe give you a free bet. Other common promotions include tokens that can increase your bet size or offering loyalty points that you can exchange for rewards.

In addition to all these promotions, odds boosts have become more and more popular. These are selections that the sportsbook has chosen to offer very strong odds on. These are almost always plays with a strong expected return. Because of that, they often have a low maximum bet.

Betting on other PGA events

The four major tournaments are not the only PGA events that make for fun wagering. Tournaments take place most weekends. Some other big stops on the tour include the Genesis Invitational, the Waste Management Open, the BMW Championship, and the Wells Fargo Championship. All offer relatively large purses and solid competition.

You also may find that you prefer to bet on smaller PGA Tour stops because the conditions are riper for upsets. With fewer of the big names competing or going their hardest, it’s easier for smaller names to pull out a victory.

Betting on the Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup each pit a team of golfers from the United States against a team of golfers from other places. In the Ryder Cup, the US faces off against Europe, and in the Presidents Cup the US faces off against the rest of the world.

These events can be fun to bet on because they have a different format from the traditional four-day stroke play format that most tournaments use. There are a variety of matches, and the fact that it’s a tournament with two teams means that there are other bets available.

For example, you can place bets on a macro level concerning the two teams or a micro level on the individual games of golf. This makes these two events extra special, though they only happen every two years.

PGA events in Arizona

With its warm climate, Arizona is one of the top golf destinations in the world, with some great courses. Thus it makes sense that the state hosts some PGA Tour events.

The Waste Management Open is the most famous tournament that takes place in Arizona. It’s held in Scottsdale and is famous for its signature 16th hole that features an unruly crowd. Considering most golf tournaments have fans following strict rules, the Waste Management Open is famous for its relaxed atmosphere. That crowd will get even more unruly when the on-site sportsbook from DraftKings debuts at TPC Scottsdale.

This has made it one of the most popular and fun stops on the tour and a travel destination for many who want to enjoy the energy at the tournament.

Betting on the LPGA

The LPGA is also available for betting at some sportsbooks, though not all books will have odds for all events. The women play a similar schedule to the PGA Tour, with tournaments almost every weekend. There are a few differences such as the fact that there are currently five majors for the LPGA compared to four for the PGA.

If you’re looking to get in on the action for the LPGA, here is a list of some of the biggest events of the season that you might want to tune in for.

  • ANA Inspiration
  • US Women’s Open
  • Women’s PGA Championship
  • Women’s British Open
  • The Evian Championship
  • Marathon LPGA Classic
  • Amundi Evian Championship
  • AIG Women’s Open
  • CP Women’s Open

How to download an app for live golf betting

If you’re looking to bet on live golf, the best way to do so is through an app. This is because apps offer unrivaled speed that allows you to gamble on the events in real time. Downloading a sportsbook app is easy, and from there it’s very simple to start gambling. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Choose one of our recommended Arizona sportsbook apps and click on the link to head to its website.
  • Download the app from the sportsbook site.
  • Create your account and start betting.

Live betting is an increasingly popular option. Whatever golf betting odds are available before the event begins will shift rapidly as it unfolds in real time. This means that the odds will reflect the ever-changing reality of the event. These odds move fast, so if you see some you like, you need to be ready to make a bet quickly.

The sportsbook decides these odds based on two factors. The first is to reflect the probability of an event occurring. If Dustin Johnson is way out ahead of the pack, the live odds for him to win the tournament are going to be short. The second factor is to limit the sportsbook’s liability. This means that it wants to encourage relatively equal betting on either side of a wager.

Best golf betting app in 2021

The best golf betting app available to residents of Arizona will likely be DraftKings Sportsbook. It offers every type of golf bet that you could want as well as plenty of good promotions and boosted odds to take advantage of. The betting markets are robust, and they don’t suffer from a lack of options. Plus, they are the only group officially partnered with the PGA and TPC Scottsdale to offer sports betting in the state both online and at the sportsbook at TPC Scottsdale.

For live betting, DraftKings’ product is very strong, and it is one of the leaders in the industry. The app updates quickly and has an easy-to-use interface that provides a good experience for bettors of all levels.

If you’re located in Arizona and looking for somewhere to bet on golf, the DraftKings platform is a good choice. BetMGM Arizona and Fanduel are also great choices for regulated sportsbooks.