Best Odds Boosts in Arizona

Making a long-term profit with sports betting is extremely difficult for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the odds often favor the sportsbooks, not the bettor. If you have even the slightest of edges, consider taking full advantage of it. That is where odds boosts come in.

With so much competition among sportsbooks, including in Arizona, customers can gain benefits as the books offer deals to attract new bettors and keep existing ones. To do this, they may offer odds boosts, which will give bettors significantly better odds than otherwise would have been available. Why would sportsbooks give themselves such a disadvantage? They aim to take a slight hit in the short term but hope that bettors will continue to bet with that book, and it will profit in the end.

So are odds boosts worth it for sports bettors? Here is a guide to odds boosts along with whether and how bettors should consider using them.

Top AZ Sportsbooks with daily odds boost offers

Enhanced odds offers explained

Sportsbooks will offer promotions to new and/or existing customers with better odds and a chance at a greater payout with a winning bet. These boosts can be worth a shot if you feel confident about predicting the correct outcome.

Odds boosts are often available for some of the biggest games of the year, but they also can turn up for a random weeknight regular-season game, as sportsbooks try to find new ways to get their users betting even when it’s not a prime time for sports wagering. Odds boosts are available for just about every sport, including the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. Golf majors, MMA fights, and tennis grand slams will see a decent number of boosts as well. It can pay to monitor when sportsbooks offer these promotions to get the best numbers possible.

Another idea to consider is opening accounts at multiple sportsbooks, to give you more odds boosts to choose from. If there is a particular wager you like, it makes sense to shop around at multiple books to figure out if any of them will offer you better odds.

How do odds boosts work?

Many sportsbooks will have a link to click on from the app’s homepage to take bettors right to the odds boost page where you can scroll through and see if you want to try any of the options. The offers are often available only on a limited basis, which emphasizes the need to take a look every so often.

Enhanced odds are likely to be available for new and existing users. For those who are not registered at a particular sportsbook, you may be able to benefit from some of the new user promotions, including the best odds boosts offers.

Some of the top online sportsbooks in Arizona will offer daily odds boosts, and the available bets can take a variety of forms. The most popular odds boosts are the main wagers like moneylines, point spreads, and totals for a particular game. Sportsbooks take the betting odds for what they are offering and change them to be better for those placing the wagers with a higher payout. Many of them will show the original odds and compare them to the odds they are giving out via the odds boost. Sportsbooks can get creative with their odds boosts, as well, and offer them for different bets like team or player props.

Best Odds Boosts for NFL, MLB, NHL and

Now that we’ve covered odds boosts in general, here are the best sportsbooks for odds boost plus some examples of how you might be able to apply them to various sports.

Best sportsbook for NFL odds boosts: DraftKings Arizona

NFL odds tend to be widely available as the league remains king when it comes to nationwide popularity and sports betting in the United States. In this example, let’s say you are looking up odds on the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. There is going to be a variety of odds boosts for this game given its high profile.

Betting on the Super Bowl means lots of prop bets, so there should be lots of options to choose from. One could be whether Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray will win the game’s MVP award, which often goes to the winning QB. The odds at DraftKings Arizona are -110, but with the odds boost, they could move to +110 for a slightly larger payout. With the original odds at -110, that means a successful $110 wager would net a $100 profit. However, with the odds boosted to +110, a $100 wager would result in $110 in profit.

If he plays a fantastic game on the biggest stage, Murray could be named MVP, and you would receive more money than you otherwise would have without the odds boost.

Best sportsbook for NBA odds boosts: FanDuel Arizona

For our NBA example, you are betting on the Phoenix Suns in Game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks. After scouring the various sportsbook pages that list all the boosted odds you can choose from, you’ve landed on one you like at FanDuel Arizona. As with many odds boosts, this one requires multiple outcomes to be correct for you to win.

The bet is for Devin Booker to score more than 25.5 points and for Phoenix to win the game and be crowned as the NBA champions. With the NBA odds set at +315 for both to be correct, you implement the odds boost, and now the odds are +450. With this change, a $100 wager goes from a potential $315 profit to a $450 profit, and you deem this risk worth it because of the odds boost.

Best sportsbook for MLB odds boosts: BetMGM Arizona

In this example, you bet on the Arizona Diamondbacks who are one win away from clinching a National League West title as they match up against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the final game of the MLB regular season.

You decide the Diamondbacks are going to get the best of the Dodgers in this scenario, and you also have a good feeling the Tampa Bay Rays have what it takes to beat the New York Yankees on the same night. Let’s say BetMGM AZ was originally offering +200 MLB odds for the Diamondbacks and Rays to win on the moneyline, but the odds boost increases the value to +245. This makes a $100 wager go from $200 to $245 with a winning bet. Predicting multiple winners is difficult to do regardless of the sport, but in this case, if you do win, your profit would be higher.

Best sportsbook for college basketball odds boosts: Caesars Arizona

In this next example, the Arizona Wildcats are matched up with the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA national title game.

You would like to place a bet on Arizona, and you see that Caesars AZ has the Arizona Wildcats odds at -125. You check their odds boost page and notice they are offering a -110. This is the perfect scenario, as it allows you to get better odds on your desired bet. With this odds boost, a $100 bet would pay out $190.91 with the boost vs $180 without the boost.

How do you know if an odds boost has good value?

Arizona sports bettors will want to find the best value possible in their wagering, so it is important to identify when odds boosts are valuable enough to actually take advantage of. It sounds like a great deal that sportsbooks are offering better odds, and while this is true, not all wagers that receive an odds boost are worth risking any dollar amount on.

Sometimes sportsbooks will offer odds boosts for bets that are unlikely to win. For example, a sportsbook could provide an odds boost for a parlay-style wager where multiple things must happen for the bet to win. If you do not already know this, parlays are difficult to win on a consistent basis, and the odds boost will not factor in unless you actually win the bet. An example would be betting on a specific basketball player to score more than 30 points and the player’s team to win the game. And that is just a two-leg parlay. The difficulty only increases when you add more legs.

However, there are plenty of odds boosts that are worth a look. The odds boosts that have a better opportunity for consistent winners are options that feature a single outcome, whether that is the moneyline, point total, or point spread, so be on the lookout for those on your sportsbook’s odds boost page.

Remember that it is important to do your research prior to placing bets, and that is also true for those with price boosts. First, check the odds of the bet at other sportsbooks that don’t boost the odds in order to get a sense of what the true markets are of the bet. Sometimes what is a “boost” at one book is just the regular price at another.

Additionally, if you do not believe the bet is worth taking with the actual odds given, it is unwise to wager even with the odds boosted for a higher payout. While the payout will be more, if the bet has a small chance of winning, the payout doesn’t matter.

Odds boosts vs. teasers and pleasers

Teasers and pleasers are similar to a parlay in that multiple outcomes are part of the wager, and every leg of the bet needs to be correct for it to win. The difference is that the bets generally are just for football and basketball spreads and totals, and you can manipulate the lines.

In a teaser bet, you can move the betting lines in your favor, which will result in a lesser payout than a parlay would. For example, the original point spread could show the Arizona Cardinals at -3 in their upcoming matchup with the Baltimore Ravens. Additionally, the Jacksonville Jaguars are at +6.5 against the Tennessee Titans. In this scenario, you decide to wager on the Cardinals and Jaguars. You could parlay them together for a large payout, or you could apply a teaser, which can move the line six, 6.5, or seven points. Let’s say you decided on six points, so now the Cardinals moved from -3 to +3, and the Jaguars moved from +6.5 to +12.5. You have a higher chance at getting both of these correct, but your potential payout would be less than with a parlay.

With a pleaser, the lines move in the sportsbook’s favor, providing a much larger potential payout than a teaser or a parlay but making the wager more difficult to win. In the same example with the Cardinals -3 and Jaguars +6.5, a six-point pleaser would move these lines to Cardinals -9 and Jaguars +0.5.

As we mentioned earlier, it is extremely difficult to predict multiple outcomes correctly on a consistent basis even if the line moves by as many as seven points in the NFL. Many experts criticize parlays, teasers, and pleasers because of the difficulty in winning them consistently, with some saying they are not worth the risk.

In the long run, an odds boost could be the more profitable wagering option if you stick to using it for wagers that you already think you have a good shot at winning.