Our Editorial Process

When it comes to reporting at PlayAZ, we dedicate ourselves to fairness, honesty and accuracy.

As legal gambling expands throughout the country, more websites covering the industry continue to emerge, including in Arizona. We have committed ourselves to uphold the integrity of fair and accurate reporting, as that credibility and reliability benefits all parties: operators, readers/customers and PlayAZ.

As such, we believe it is important to detail how we approach the editorial process and standards at PlayAZ so you can better understand what makes the content on our site so trustworthy and credible.

Editorial Integrity

Operating under the ownership of Catena Media, PlayAZ is quickly growing into a trusting and go-to resource for readers looking to learn more about the expanding world of legal gambling in Arizona.

To better establish ourselves in that regard, we have committed to strict journalistic principles to make sure we remain objective and fair in our coverage of regulated gambling. This protects the safety of our readers and partners and further ingrains PlayAZ as a reliable and trustworthy resource for Arizona gambling coverage.

Our Mission

Our mission at PlayAZ is to provide accurate reporting and useful resources relating to the legal gambling industry in Arizona. We aim to always have editorial independence and transparency for our readers and ensure they only play on licensed and regulated Arizona gambling sites that feature approved safeguards and consumer protections.

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Fair, objective and balanced reporting

When readers visit PlayAZ, they can trust that our content all shares three overarching traits: fairness, objectivity and balance.

If we do publish opinion pieces or commentary, stories that obviously include what could be considered subjective information, we make sure to include a statement at the beginning of the story to label the piece as an opinion.

On top of it all, we are dedicated to always have editorial independence. What does that mean? We have complete control over the content published on PlayAZ, content that is not influenced by any of our affiliate partners.

Our goal of keeping readers safe

Above all else, we at PlayAZ are committed to protecting the welfare of our readers. We publish a number of resources such as reviews, how-to guides and general responsible gambling pages to maintain the safety of our readers and their money. As such, we strive to always cover the latest developments regarding local, state and federal gambling laws and regulations.

In addition, we only cover and promote online gambling sites that have undergone extensive scrutiny by the Arizona Department of Gaming, which serves as the state’s regulatory body overseeing legal sports betting and daily fantasy sports. When the department issues a license, it assures customers that those operators have met all necessary security measures and responsible gambling safeguards.

Licensed by the Arizona Department of Gaming

Catena Media, the parent company of PlayAZ, has received licensing from regulatory agencies in a number of jurisdictions across the country. Specifically, PlayAZ has been issued a license by the Arizona Department of Gaming as an Event Wagering Ancillary Supplier in the state.

  • Arizona, #EW2000019, active as of August 23, 2021

To simplify it, this means we only cover and promote gambling sites that have been approved as legal and regulated platforms. By no means do we ever promote offshore gambling.

Our team of experts

At PlayAZ, we feature a team of professional journalists who boast expert knowledge regarding legal gambling, not only across the nation but also and more specifically in Arizona. With years of journalism experience spread out among local and national publications — including ESPNThe Washington Post and Men’s Journal — our editorial team can be trusted by readers.

Additionally, PlayAZ writers have spent decades covering many levels of amateur and professional sports. This team has also become experts in the field of legal gambling in the United States, including legislation, regulations, sports betting, tribal gaming, lottery and daily fantasy sports. Find out more about our team of experts here.

Our references, sources and citations

To ensure our coverage is reliable, fair, objective and accurate, PlayAZ relies on first-hand sources relating to legal gambling in Arizona. This includes representatives from the state legislature, Arizona Department of Gaming, responsible gambling groups and individual operators. While also citing any secondary sources, PlayAZ offers complete transparency in our reporting of news regarding legal gambling in Arizona.

Our editorial process

The PlayAZ editorial team adheres to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics in our reporting. On top of that, each piece of content posted on our website goes through rigorous review processes to ensure accuracy and objectivity. A dedicated team of copy editors at Catena Media also provides assistance in ensuring factual and grammatical accuracy.

Finally, all stories and resource pages posted at PlayAZ endure review by our managing editor and senior writer, Grant Lucas. After covering amateur and professional sports for over a decade, Grant began reporting on legal casino gambling and sports betting in 2018. His focus shifted to Arizona in 2020, just before the state legalized sports betting. His wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as his expert writing and editing skills, allow Grant to ensure all published content is accurate, factually and grammatically, as well as fair, objective and useful for PlayAZ readers.


We at PlayAZ are committed to trustworthiness and integrity. Part of maintaining those standards is citing credible sources and tapping on professional editors and journalists to fact-check all information before any content is posted on our website.

How we handle errors

At PlayAZ, we aim to minimize as many errors as possible. Of course, sometimes those errors still occur. When they do, PlayAZ promptly corrects them. To maintain transparency and honesty, if a major change or update occurs on published content, we add a disclaimer to the top of the page to let readers know of the revision.

How we make money

Like our sister sites under the Catena Media umbrella, PlayAZ stands as an affiliate of several legal and regulated online sports betting and gambling brands operating in Arizona. As a result of these partnerships, PlayAZ often receives referral bonuses when our readers are redirected from our website to online sportsbooks. That said, PlayAZ remains committed to editorial independence and control over all content we publish.

In addition to news stories, PlayAZ provides readers with reviews of online sports betting sites. We strive for all posts to offer accurate and useful information for our readers. This content is published independently of our affiliate partners. We do not have any stake in any casino company or sports betting operation.

If individuals have any issues or concerns regarding specific gambling companies, they should be communicated directly with those groups.

We value your feedback

At PlayAZ, we aim for our content to boast the highest quality and accuracy available for bettors, fans, industry personalities and other news organizations in Arizona. We encourage and welcome any suggestions that could improve our website as well as requests for content.

Feel free to share your thoughts, requests or feedback by sending an email to [email protected].