Arizona Primed To Usher In ‘Super Apps’ With Legal Online Casinos

Written By Cole Rush on August 10, 2023 - Last Updated on August 14, 2023
AZ Online casinos bring Super apps

“Super apps” are popping up across the gambling industry. Arizona already has a few, but bettors in the state aren’t able to make use of the “super” elements yet.

As defined by IT consultant Gartner, a super app is “like a Swiss army knife – with a range of component tools (miniapps) that the user can use and remove as needed. Super apps are trending because users, especially the younger generation born in the age of smartphones, demand mobile-first experiences that are powerful and easy to use.”

Arizonans who bet using online sportsbooks will undoubtedly be familiar with such apps. Many Arizona sportsbooks, including DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM, offer a super app experience. You can place bets, fund your account, withdraw winnings, and participate in rewards programs in an app you download once.

These apps, which bring multiple online gambling options into one seamless experience, bode well for the future of Arizona sports betting and online casinos if the latter eventually becomes legal in the state. AZ sportsbooks could certainly be considered super apps, but online casinos will push them firmly into “super” territory.

Arizona sportsbooks paving the way for eventual super apps

Arizona’s top sportsbook operators are already in a prime position for the advent of super apps. Arizona online casinos can’t be too far down the road. Many sportsbooks have online casino offerings in legal states.

Hard Rock Sportsbook AZ is the most recent Arizona operator to stage itself for online casinos in the future. Hard Rock Bet replaced Hard Rock Sportsbook last month in Arizona and beyond.

Meanwhile, other sportsbooks in Arizona are ready-made for online casino legalization. DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars Sportsbook AZ should all be prepared to offer super apps if online casinos come to Arizona.

Generally speaking, sports betting is a low-margin business. It can be profitable if there’s enough volume. Online casinos, on the other hand, can bring in much more revenue for operators. By preparing super apps in Arizona, online gambling providers are investing in future growth.

What super apps would look like in Arizona

Arizona gambling super apps would essentially be one-stop shops for sports betting and online casino gaming. To existing Arizona online sports bettors, not much would change. You’d see occasional casino bonuses on the promotions page, perhaps, and there would be a menu option you can click to jump to the online casino section within the app.

Online casino sections of super apps will look different from what sports bettors are used to. Online casino games are vibrant and colorful, and they have thumbnails to match. Instead of small logos and listed odds, online casino games are listed with more imagery and less text than typical sports betting fare. Still, the functionality would feel familiar. Scroll through the options or sort through categories to find your desired game, then tap it to launch the title.

Sports bettors might worry that online casino options could muddle their experience or bog it down with too many options. Typically, this isn’t the case in super apps. Online casino and sports betting options are usually two separate menus and home screens, so you can navigate between them. In other words, you typically won’t see odds for an NFL game listed between casino games, for example.

Why super apps are beneficial for players

Super apps provide numerous benefits to bettors:

  • Shared wallet: Fund your account in one place and use the money to place sports bets or play online casino games
  • Easy access: Play online casino games and bet on sports without the need to switch between apps
  • More bonuses: Both sports betting bonuses and online casino bonuses are available in the same app
  • Rewards programs: Earn points and perks from the casino and sportsbook

Why providers should merge sportsbooks and online casinos … and why some haven’t yet

Super apps make everything easy for players. Gone are the days when two separate apps make the most sense, especially as new states come into the legal online casino fold. In terms of the player experience, super apps are a no-brainer.

Still, some operators have yet to combine their online casinos and sportsbooks into a single super app. The reason is simple: It’s not easy. The benefits are great, and it’s worthwhile, but combining two entire apps into a single seamless experience takes a significant technological lift.

Sometimes it requires a period of inactivity, which can mean lost revenue while players can’t place bets. It’s not as simple as pressing a button to combine apps. Operators have to engage hundreds of developers to make it happen.

Despite the challenges, it’s likely we’ll see a massive influx of super apps in Arizona and the rest of the US as online casinos become legal in new markets.

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