US Open Golf Betting Odds

When you think of the PGA majors, The Masters gets a lot of hype. But the US Open is not only potentially more challenging, it also offers up the largest prize pool of them all.  With a prize pool of around $12.5 million, there’s no doubt why it’s attractive to the pros.

For bettors, however, it can be a bit more challenging than most golf tournaments. That’s because some players take to the US Open easily, while others experience a golf nightmare. Below find the latest US Open odds as posted at AZ online sportsbooks plus a quick guide to help you bet on the US Open legally here in Arizona.

Latest US Open golf odds

Below find the latest US Open odds as posted at AZ online sportsbooks (use the drop-down menu on the left to see all of the odds boards). Click on any odds below to go directly to the online sportsbook and claim your bonus. If you don’t see US Open odds listed, they have yet to be posted. If you don’t see the golfer you like here, check our full Arizona online sportsbook odds board.

How to bet on the US Open

There are numerous ways you can bet on the US Open, but the absolute best way to bet on golf in Arizona is through online and mobile sportsbooks. They are easy to use, convenient, and they allow 24-hour access to your accounts.

When the tournament is set to begin, you’ll have access to multiple different bet types. Before then, however, the most readily available wager will be in the futures market.

Futures bets are wagers placed on events or outcomes yet to take place. As a bettor, you are basically trying to predict what the future will hold. It’s not easy, especially when the tournament is still far off on the calendar.

That happens to be when betting is potentially the most lucrative, but also the most risky. Trying to choose who might win a tournament without even knowing if the player you are considering is going to be invited is a bit daunting. But the right amount of news consumption and staying informed on how the season is shaping up can help you gain an edge.

Making your wager long before the next US Open comes into view will offer up the greatest odds for those looking to make a huge splash on a risky wager. If that’s you, consider making your bets earlier than some might expect.

Can US Open betting odds shift?

They can indeed. In fact, it’s quite common, especially in futures betting on an event like the US Open.

With so much attention on the majors, it’s not surprising that odds fluctuate from their starting points. Especially in the world of futures, odds tend to change as more information becomes available. Maybe a particular golfer is playing the best of their career, or the event is at a course historically dominated by one of the golfers attending. Injuries, trends, and even personal news can impact the odds.

Another reason odds will shift is because of public betting. When Arizona online sportsbooks see a lot of wagers on a particular outcome, they start to worry. That imbalance leaves them in a precarious position when it comes to making money. What if the vast majority of bettors simply win outright on that imbalanced market? Sportsbooks don’t allow themselves to lose that way.

To offset that, the oddsmakers change the line to make the other potential outcomes more attractive with better odds.

This incentivizes betting in those other directions and reduces the potential loss for the sportsbook in case the heavily favored wager does indeed come up a winner.

Live betting on US Open golf

If you’ve never heard of live betting—also known as in-game betting—then you’re in luck. It’s one of the most popular sectors of gambling today.

Live betting, which requires the use of an online or mobile sportsbook to participate, allows you to make wagers on an event while the action is unfolding. You can wager on things like whether a particular golfer is going to make par on their next hole or if there will be a hole-in-one during a specific round.

Live betting allows a level of engagement with the US Open that hasn’t been previously available to the majority of bettors. It gives you a reason to stay tuned, stay interested, and get in on the action when you choose to.

If you’re wondering about why you need an online or mobile sportsbook, the truth is, retail and commercial sportsbooks just can’t keep up with the quickly changing odds of live betting. Online books, however, have the luxury of being connected at all times. They can instantly edit the odds while you’re live wagering.

When and where is the 2024 US Open golf tournament?

Here are the key details on the next US Open.

  • When: June 16-19, 2022
  • Where: The Country Club in Brookline, MA
  • Length: Par 71, 7,033 yards
  • Prize pool: $12.5 million
  • TV: NBC

US Open golf FAQs

What TV Network covers the US Open?

Find it on both NBC and the Golf Channel.

How many players compete in the US Open?

The field for the US Open is capped at 156 players and is open to both professionals and amateur golfers.

Who gets an automatic invite to the US Open?

If you’re looking for an automatic invitation to the US Open, you must land yourself on some very select lists. Here is the list of those who get automatically invited to the US Open golf tournament each year:

  • Winners of the US Open for the last 10 years
  • Winners of the Masters Tournament, Open Championship (British Open) and PGA Championship winners for the last five years
  • Winner and runner-up from the previous year’s US Amateur and winners of the previous year’s US Junior Amateur and US Mid-Amateur
  • Winner of the previous year’s Amateur Championship
  • Previous year’s top-ranked amateur golfer in the world
  • Winner of the US Senior Open
  • Winners of the last three Players Championships
  • Winner of the current year’s BMW PGA Championship
  • In the year after the Olympic golf tournament, the reigning men’s gold medalist
  • The top 10 finishers (including ties) from the previous year’s US Open