Arizona Resident Collects $229K After Slot Machine Jackpot Error

Written By Play AZ Editorial Team on February 19, 2022 - Last Updated on January 30, 2023
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Arizona resident Robert Taylor received the surprise of a lifetime when the Nevada Gaming Patrol Board notified him of a $229,368.52 slot machine jackpot win.

Taylor had no idea he’d won the money due to a slot machine malfunction. Now, he can collect his jackpot winnings from the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino.

A casino communication error

In January, the machine Taylor played experienced what Treasure Island Resort & Casino called a “communication error.” At the time, both Taylor and Treasure Island didn’t know he’d hit the progressive jackpot.

Without a second thought, Taylor went about his business. He left Treasure Island and eventually returned to his Arizona home, not knowing he’d hit big.

Neither did officials at Treasure Island. Only after resolving the technical issues that caused the communication error did they see a jackpot winner. Unfortunately for Treasure Island, they didn’t know who hit.

A matter of public trust

Treasure Island officials could not identify Taylor. So they went to work finding out who he was and coordinated their efforts with the Nevada Gaming Patrol Board.

Their investigation scoured casino surveillance video. They interviewed witnesses and examined electronic purchasing data. The Nevada Gaming Board also pulled ride-share transactions in their effort to find Taylor, the jackpot winner.

Why was a casino, especially the Nevada Gaming Patrol Board, so concerned about finding the winner? The board’s enforcement chief, James Taylor, maintains it’s a matter of public trust.

A crucial aspect of gaming is the public’s trust. Gambling enthusiasts must believe that the casinos and sportsbooks offer players a fair shake when it comes to payouts.

Players gamble knowing the house has the advantage. However, their continued success depends on the house paying out fair and square when they lose. James Taylor, the Nevada Gaming Patrol Board, and Treasure Island Resort & Casino believes this investigation displays the gambling industry’s good faith.

Arizona casinos and sportsbooks operate under the same good faith. The legitimate gaming industry across America and abroad knows that paying players out is vital to their continued success.

The Big Day

The Nevada Gaming Patrol Board found their man and notified Robert Taylor of his jackpot win on January 28, 2022. For the sake of discretion, they did not release any other personal information.

The investigation took two weeks utilizing the resources of both the Nevada Gaming Board and Treasure Island Resort & Casino. This successful collaboration proves government and industry can work together.

After receiving notification, Robert Taylor intended to travel to Las Vegas and collect his winnings.

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