New Legislation May Mean Changes Arizona Sports Betting

Written By Play AZ Editorial Team on February 23, 2022 - Last Updated on February 27, 2022
Arizona sports betting may have changes in store due to new legislation.

Arizona casinos are some of the newest that allow legal sports betting. The state legalized sports betting in April of 2021, and now, Arizona is looking to make a bigger move with Arizona sports betting.

Sports betting found quick success in this state, with $777 million being bet on sports apps in the state during the first 53 days of legalization last year.

Now, Arizona Tribes may get a more significant piece of the action by being offered an event betting license. What does that mean for them? And what does that mean for sports betting in the state?

Bill SB 1674 and its impact on Arizona sports betting

Bill SB 1674 is the bill that Senator Sally Ann Gonzales introduced to the Senate that would allow more tribes in Arizona to receive event betting licenses.

The bill specifies that a maximum of 10 event betting licenses would be granted to non-tribes and that 23 licenses would be granted to tribes.

The number 23 is significant here because that is how many tribes are in Arizona. So, if this were to pass, that would mean that every tribe in the state would be eligible to have this license.

But, that is not the only thing these tribes would get under this bill. On top of having the license, they would have a retail event betting center within five blocks of a sports complex or major sports venue.

Normally, tribes are only allowed to have physical casinos on tribal land, but they could also do it on commercial land if this bill passes.

When the original bill passed in April of 2021, the main difference was that it only granted ten licenses to tribes rather than the 23 proposed. The bill would be a game-changer for tribes trying to get into the sports betting business because they would have more land to physically operate these locations and have priority to obtain more event wagering licenses.

Will this change the Arizona sports betting market?

This bill could change the way Arizona casinos and Arizona sports betting is operated in the state. If passed, it would certainly give a lot more freedom for tribes to operate throughout the state and to develop sportsbook partnerships.

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