Jackpocket Launches Desktop Option For Arizona, US Lottery Players

Written By Jarrett Huff on April 18, 2023 - Last Updated on March 18, 2024
Jackpocket users can now buy lottery ticket's with desktop computer

Jackpocket is jumping out of pockets and onto desktops, giving lottery players a new avenue to play their favorite games.

Jackpocket is a third-party lottery service available in 15 states. It allows players to pick the game they want to play and their numbers or enter “quick play,” and then order the ticket. Company representatives then buy the ticket from Circle K, one of its partners, and sends players a scan of their ticket while safely storing the physical ticket.

To date, Jackpocket users have won over $250 million in prizes.

Jackpocket targets older lottery players with desktop option

Jackpocket courier service went live in Arizona in January. Arizona players can now play nearly a dozen different lottery games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, and Cash 4 Life, online. New users can get their first lottery ticket for free.

Jackpocket’s reason for introducing a desktop platform is to expand its customer base while giving current users more options. For Peter Sullivan, Jackpocket founder, and CEO, it’s all about convenience.

“Our goal at Jackpocket is to make the lottery more accessible and convenient, and this launch offers our users even more flexibility to participate their way on their schedule.”

According to Sullivan, 70% of Jackpocket’s mobile user customer base is in the 18 to 45 age demographic. Those in the 45+ demographic account for over 60% of the users on the new platform. That shows the potential of the service to target older lottery players.

Jackpocket continues to expand operations in the US

In 2022, Jackpocket users took home $128.7 million in winnings, 17 of which won prizes worth $1 million or more. Also, there were over 23,000 winners per day on average, with about 16 winners a minute. One million users won money in 2022. Powerball gave Jackpocket winners the highest cumulative total in prizes, raking in over $25 million in the US. The courier service processes around 100,000 tickets a day.

In the expanding $100 billion lottery ticket industry, mobile lottery courier apps like Jackpocket have cornered around 2% to 3% of the market. With the introduction of a desktop version of the mobile app, it would make sense if Jackpocket’s rise in the market is accelerated.

Third-party courier services apps are designed to make playing the lottery easier, more accessible, and more fun. With the expansion into the desktop space, a platform where users in the 45+ age demographic typically may have more familiarity or access when compared to mobile devices, it’s likely their customer base in that demographic will expand too.

It also gives current users of the mobile platform more opportunities to play the lottery.

Jackpocket is a company backed by investors like Mark Cuban and Circle K. It has partnered with several major North American sports franchises like the New York Mets and also the Dallas Mavericks. And it continues to expand into other US states.

Giving users the ability to play the lottery on their desktop computers or laptops makes the courier service even more attractive to Arizona lottery players.

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