NBA Finals and Playoffs Odds

It takes more than just skill to make it through the NBA Playoffs and win the NBA Finals to become champions. With guts and composure to match, the Nuggets, Warriors, Bucks, Lakers, and Raptors each managed the feat over the last five years. But the fact that none of those teams will make it back in 2023-24 shows how hard it is to remain at the top. 

For bettors, the question isn’t who has won it — it’s who is going to win it next. From futures betting to in-game wagers, there are a ton of opportunities to explore sports betting in Arizona during the NBA Playoffs and Finals. Below find the latest NBA playoffs odds and everything else you need to know about wagering on the NBA postseason in Arizona.

NBA Finals and Playoffs odds

Below see the current odds available for the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals. Our odds feed is updated automatically with the latest odds posted at legal Arizona online sportsbooks. Check back during the playoffs for daily NBA game lines, and click on the odds to go to the sportsbook, create an account (if needed), and place your bets.

How do NBA odds work?

Like other odds you’ll find in Arizona sportsbooks, NBA betting lines are going to be listed in American odds format. In this style, which is prevalent across North America, the favorites will be listed with a negative number (such as -130), and the underdogs will be listed with a positive (like +175). That number varies based on how close the game or an outcome is expected to be.

Here is a couple of examples of bet types and odds similar to what you might come across in Arizona sportsbooks.

Point spread betting

The point spread in basketball is the most popular type of bet. The idea behind the bet is that oddsmakers afford points to the underdog to create a more even game. You have to decide if the favorite can win by more points than listed or if the underdog can lose by fewer than those points or win outright.

Here’s an example you might find at DraftKings Arizona:

  • Phoenix Suns -10.5 (-113)
  • Sacramento Kings +10.5 (-108)

Here, the Suns are the favorites to win, and oddsmakers see them winning by 11 points or more. If they do, a bet of $113 would win $100, so a payout would be $213.

The Kings, on the other hand, need to either win outright or lose by fewer than 10 points. If they do, then a wager of $108 would win $100 for a payout of $208.

Totals betting

This bet type, also known as the over/under, sees oddsmakers predict the total combined score between the two teams. Your job is to decide if they will score over that amount or under that amount (hence the name over/under).

You don’t have to worry about who is going to win, just the final score of the two opponents combined.

Here’s an example such as might appear at FanDuel AZ between the Suns and the Portland Trail Blazers.

  • Over 234.5 (-112)
  • Under 234.5 (-109)

Oddsmakers are guessing there is a slightly better chance of an under in this scenario, which is why the sportsbook odds are listed at just a smidge closer to zero than the over bet. If the two teams go toe-to-toe and the Suns escape with a 122-114 victory, then the total between the two teams would be 236 points—just over the predicted amount. A wager of $112 would net a profit of $100 for a total payout of $212.

Moneyline betting

The moneyline is the most simple wager on the NBA in Arizona. Oddsmakers will list the two teams, identify the favorite and underdog with associated odds and leave it to you to decide who will win.

That’s it. You just pick the winner. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, or everyone would win.

Here’s an example of moneyline bets on a game such as you’ll encounter at BetMGM Arizona:

  • Phoenix Suns -180
  • Golden State Warriors +148

Oddsmakers are expecting the Suns to get a solid victory here, though not in blowout fashion. If you pick correctly, then a bet on the Suns at $180 would bring back $280—a $100 profit. A correct pick on the Warriors at a bet of $100 would bring you $248 with the $148 profit.

Phoenix Suns playoffs odds

In 2021, the Suns rose as one of the best in the Pacific Division and secured themselves a No. 2 playoffs seed. It has been a solid season for the team, though that success wasn’t always expected by the oddsmakers.

Back in August 2020, the Suns were listed at +650 odds to win the Western Conference. By May 2021, sitting in first place in the Pacific Division at the time but facing a likely difficult first-round matchup for the playoffs, the Suns were at +550. Their odds of winning the NBA Finals stood at +1,400 at the same time.

So despite having their best season in more than a decade, the Suns didn’t get much love from the oddsmakers.

Phoenix Suns playoff history

Since joining the NBA in the 1968-69 season, the Suns have had some stretches in which they’ve been regular participants in the NBA Playoffs. As with any other franchise, there have also been some downtimes, including one that just ended.

On the positive side, from the 1975-76 season through 1984-85, the team made it to the postseason nine out of 10 times. There was an even better stretch from 1988-89 through 2009-10 in which the Suns scored a playoff invite in 19 of 22 seasons.

That was followed by a big drought from 2010-11 to 2019-20, a skid that was finally snapped with the run to the NBA Finals a season ago. Here are some of the key facts and figures about the NBA Playoff history for Phoenix.

  • Division titles: 8 – last in 2022
  • Playoff appearances: 33 times in 53 seasons
  • Conference titles: 3 – last in 2021

The trips to the NBA Finals have naturally been the biggest highlights, but the Suns have made it to the final four several other times. Here’s a look back at all of the team’s trips to the conference finals and the ultimate result of the series.

  • 1975-76: Won over Golden State Warriors in seven games
  • 1978-79: Lost to Seattle SuperSonics in seven games
  • 1983-84: Lost to Los Angeles Lakers in six games
  • 1988-89: Lost to Los Angeles Lakers in four games
  • 1989-90: Lost to Portland Trail Blazers in six games
  • 1992-93: Won over Seattle SuperSonics over seven games
  • 2004-05: Lost to San Antonio Spurs in five games
  • 2005-06: Lost to Dallas Mavericks in six games
  • 2009-10: Lost to Los Angeles Lakers in six games
  • 2020-21: Won over Los Angeles Clippers in six games

How many times have the Suns made it to the NBA Finals?

Phoenix has made it to the promised land of the NBA Finals three times to date. While they have yet to seal the deal, they’ve managed to put up a fight in all three finals appearances. Here’s a quick look back at the three trips.

  • 1975-76: Lost to Boston Celtics in six games
  • 1992-93: Lost to Chicago Bulls in six games
  • 2020-21: Lost to Milwaukee Bucks in six games

So far, there have been long stretches of time in between NBA Finals trips for the Suns. In a perfect world, it’ll be more of a regular occurrence in the near future, but we’ll have to wait and see if the magic of the 2020-21 season carries over.

How does a team make the NBA Playoffs?

Historically, the top eight teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences are ranked in order by their win-loss records. Those teams make the playoffs for the 16-team field.

If there is a tie, then the head-to-head results between the two teams are used as the first tiebreaker, and whether a team won its division is the second tiebreaker.

In 2020-21, however, the NBA introduced a new play-in tournament. In this format, the top six teams in each conference are awarded automatic playoff spots. The seventh- and eighth-place teams land in a four-team play-in tournament with the teams that finish ninth and 10th in each conference.

The seventh-place team hosts the eight-place team for a one-game playoff with the winner taking the No. 7 seed against the teams that automatically earned bids already. Simultaneously, the ninth- and 10th-place teams play one another in a single game. The loser is eliminated, and the winner moves on to play the loser of the seventh/eighth game. The winner of that game will be the No. 8 seed in the playoffs.

Then, the postseason continues as normal. The format has taken a lot of criticism from some notable NBA stars, including LeBron James, so only time will tell if the format continues past 2021.

How to bet on the NBA Playoffs and Finals in Arizona

Sports betting has been legalized thanks to recent laws passed in Arizona, but bets can’t be placed as of yet because online and mobile sportsbooks haven’t gone live yet. That’s going to happen in the very near future. When it does, we want you to have all the information to start making bets.

The best way to place your wagers in Arizona is through legal and regulated online and mobile sportsbook apps. They are convenient, easy to use, and extremely secure. They also allow you to be anywhere within the state and still make your bets. You can be hanging out with your buddies at a sports bar watching the NBA Playoffs and still have access to your sportsbook. Or you can do it right from the comfort of your own home.

No matter where you are in Arizona, you can be active with your online and mobile sportsbooks.

Opening an online betting account in Arizona

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get set up at an online sportsbook, especially since you are already on the best resource site to access to all currently available ones.

First and foremost, decide which book you want to sign up for.

From there, you register for an account, which will include setting a username and secure password, plus providing identifying information. The process takes just a few minutes. Then, you can finish up and download the mobile app to your favorite device.

You’ll then have the opportunity to claim your bonus bets and/or bonuses. By using our exclusive promos on this site, you’ll have the advantage of getting the best promotions available at your sportsbooks. That’s because we have agreements in place to offer our visitors the best-in-the-business bonus codes and promotions through our links.

You can now make a deposit using the method of your choice and that’s it! You’re ready to make your first bet. See? We told you it was easy.

Bets available during the NBA Playoffs

When it comes to wagering on the NBA’s postseason, you have a ton of options. Before the season even starts, you can dabble in the futures market and try to guess which teams will make the playoffs, which will win the Finals, and more. You can also wager on individual awards, like NBA MVP and Rookie of the Year. We have an odds feed near the top of this page for the most updated NBA finals betting odds and lines.

Once the season rolls around, get in on the action with individual game bets like moneylines, point spreads, and totals.

Beyond individual games, you can also wager on the various playoff series, such as which team will win the best-of-seven format.

Now, one of the more exciting recent additions to sports gambling is live betting, also known as in-game betting. With the use of mobile and online sportsbooks, you can make prop bets throughout a live game.

Bets on which player will score next, which team will lead after three quarters, and whether there will be any technical fouls are available while you’re watching the game unfold on television.

This betting is done only on mobile and online sportsbooks. Retail sportsbooks just can’t keep up with the live odds shifts. Meanwhile, the technology behind the online sportsbooks allows for instant data.

Top tips for NBA Playoffs betting

So you’re ready to make a wager on the NBA Playoffs, eh? Well, before you do, let’s go over a couple of NBA Playoffs tips for new bettors.

First and foremost, we cannot stress enough the importance of doing your research before you make a bet. It’s your hard-earned cash, and you don’t want to just throw it away on a guess. The more you can educate yourself about the game, the players, and the most recent news, the more accurate your predictions will be. The oddsmakers certainly did their homework before they set the lines, so you need to do yours before you try to outsmart them.

Second, always have a budget and stick to it. Overspending can be a death knell for your sports betting hobby. Know what you can spend beforehand, use that amount only, and don’t bet beyond it, even if you come across a tempting opportunity.

As for betting on the games themselves, we want to suggest you take a look at Game 3 of any series, especially if one team has gone up 2-0. History suggests that the third game can often be a letdown for those teams, especially if they end up on the road for it. Do your research and see how well players do in games scheduled close to one another. If you see a downward trend toward the third and fourth games of a long stretch, you might be onto something.

How to watch the NBA Playoffs online in AZ

There are multiple online services for accessing the NBA Playoffs in 2021. Leading the way is fuboTV, which starts at $60 per month, and offers most of the channels you need to watch all of the playoffs. Find it on streaming devices like Roku as well as on mobile devices and computers.

Hulu is another streaming option, though you have to opt for the Hulu Live subscription at $65 a month. Sling TV, which starts at $30 a month, will also get you access to some of the games.

Beyond that, you can get Vidgo ($40 a month) or YouTube TV ($65 a month) to get some of the channels featuring playoff games.